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Watch: Peter Capaldi on Creating the New Doctor #DoctorWho

In just three, count ‘em THREE, days we’ll finally see Peter Capaldi REALLY bring The Doctor to life when the series premieres this Saturday!  

I can’t watch it outside the US!


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Jenna, how do you feel about closing the cycle of the Eleventh Doctor and starting this new one?


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Drone Cam at Christ The Redeemer w/ Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman - Doctor Who World Tour

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Lindalee interviews Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman (x)

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Doctor Who World Tour press event in Rio de Janeiro

The most important part is at the beginning when Jenna addresses the rumor regarding her role as Clara.

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Doctor who press conference in Mexico. You’ll notice that Peter Capaldi was sick during this, poor peter he must have gotten the flu from all that traveling and meeting people.

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Jenna (with Peter & Moff) talks about “The Rumor” and other DW things in Rio panel (Aug 19, 2014)

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